University of Kyrenia Faculty of Architecture Organized a Technical Trip Themed as Steel in Architecture

University of Kyrenia Faculty of Architecture has been organized a technical trip in order to reinforce the theoretical knowledge and skills of the students with the theme “Steel in Architecture”, which gives them the opportunity to visually observe and feel the construction models in the application area.

In the statement made by the faculty, it was stated that the technical trip which took place on May 24, 2022 included the NEU Hospital, NEU Modern Art Museum with its original architecture, the NEU Rectorate building and other structures located in the Near East University which are under construction.

It was stated that it was observed that the students watched the formation of the structures that are in the production phase with great interest and excitement, and it was emphasized in the same statement that examining the production of the buildings with unique architecture and structure on the spot helps to consolidate the information and bring it to a richer and more permanent position.

The trip has been carried out under the coordination of our faculty members Dr. Raissa Kolozali and Denis Kolozali, with the contributions of tthe faculty member Vehbi Noyan Ulusoy and NEU Design office.